Photo of a djembé, kutirnding (small) and kutirba (big) seouroubas

Welcome to Bakine

Bakine, International School of African Arts is a cultural centre in the south of Senegal, located at the coast of the Atlantic in Abéné. Bakine organises a diversity of activities like workshops (percussion / dance / arts), trips and excursions, where music, culture and nature of West-Africa plays a centre part.

The face behind Bakine is Paco Diedhiou.
As an infant, born and bred in the Casamance, the southern province of Senegal, he already was part of several dance- and theatregroups in Ziguinchor, The capital of the Casamance. Later he took percussionlessons with Samba Guèye, composer, singer, dancer, versatile musician and choreograph.

In 1983 together with a friend they formed the band BAKINE. Making traditional music of different etnical groups from the Casamance and Guinee-Bissau with the held of a variety of different percussion-instruments, balaphone, guitar en vocals.

Photo of Paco Diedhiou In Cap Skirring (Casamance) he spend 6 years with BAKINE performing in encampments and hotels, including Club Mediterrane. At the same time Paco gave dance- en percussionlessons to tourists on the beach and in de encampments.

In 1989 he came to the Netherlands and continued making muzic and teaching dance in Amsterdam and elsewhere in the Netherlands, but also in France and Germany. The dances he teaches are those of the Diola and Mandingue, etnical groups from the Casamance. Some of these dances are: Lèndjeng, Madiba, Féré, Sipa, Bougerabou and King.

In the following years he gave many concerts in The Netherlands and in other countries with African musicians, but also with musicians of other origin.

Paco is specialized in playing the bougarabou , seourouba, sabar, djembé, kes-kes and balafon. He also teaches bougarabou at the Rotterdam Conservatory.

Foto van een camera

Photos of Bakine in Senegal
A large collection of foto's was made throughout the history of Bakine. We'll add more and more photos and divide them into categories. Meanwhile you can check some photos here of Bakine, the workshops and the surroundings.


If your interested in a workshop for 2 weeks in senegal/gambia between 18th of july til 7th of august please fill in the registration form or contact us by e-mail (

Workshops are organised from a minimum of 6 people, so we'll keep you informed about the number of subscribers.

This workshop of 2 weeks costs 750 euro and includes: full pension, lessons, use of (percussion)instruments and transport from Banjul-Abéne-Banjul. The airplaneticket Amsterdam-Banjul-Amsterdam, excursions, drinks, travel- & cancellation insurance and vaccinations are are not accounted.

Summer 2008: 01 july 2008

Registrationform and the full payment have to be turned in before these dates.
There is a limitation to the number of subscribers!
Participation is based on the order of registrations.

You can register by using this form or by printing the form and mailing it to:

BAKINE, Breehornstraat 121, 1024 HZ Amsterdam
After registration you'll recieve further information. Your registration is definitive when the entire sum has been transferred on Postbankrekening 7982902 in the name of M.L. Diedhiou, Amsterdam, mentioning "Muziekreis Bakine, Abené". Don't forget to make a copy of the registrationform for yourself.

The workshop takes place in Abéné, a hospitable and lively Mandingovillage with about 1500 inhabitants and is situated in the most southern province of Senegal, the Casamance. Abéné is based 15 kilometers from the Gambian border.

In het village is a small mosque, a church, a school, a few small stores with basic necessities, a few telecentres (that can be used for international calls) and a small clinique. The place where the workshop takes place is in a area rich of nature, ten minutes walking from the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

In the free hours it's natural tto venture to the nice warm oceanwater. Daily you can enjoy the exclusive West-africaanse cuisine. During the evening there will be music, danceperformances and jamsessions around a campfire.

A djembéworkshop in abene (senegal)

The workshop offers a variety of rhythms for djembé, doundoun, serouba, kes kes and bougerabou, kora, sing and dance. Participation will give you a unique oppertunity to get to know the South-Senegalese population in a relaxed and warm way. The workshop takesplace 5 days a week with four hour long lessons a day.

The weekends offer enough freedom for trips or excursions to, for example, birdisland, the city of Zuiginchor or Gambia.

09.00-10.00    Breakfast
10.00-11.30    Lesssons
11.30-11.45    Coffee- and teabreak
11.45-13.15    Lessons
13.30-14.30    Lunch (warm)
14.30-20.00    free
20.00-21.00    Dinner (warm)
21.00-23.30    (performances / jam-sessions round the campfire)

Everybody is welcome. The groups will be divided in type of level; beginners, advanced and professionals. Each week five days of four hour lessons in percussion and dance will be given. The lessons given will be traditional Malinké- and Mandingorhythms. Which means djembé, doundoun and serouba. Optionally bougeraboulessons can also be given.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Paco Diedhiou
Breehornstraat 121
1024 HZ Amsterdam
m. +31 (0)6-14558351
Bertolt Zalm
Nassaustraat 16
1601 BG Enkhuizen
t. +31 (0)2280-724538
m. +31 (0)6-41821430